Nestled within the digital corridors of his website, Payman Abdali's rich tapestry of musical journeys unfolds, presenting a vibrant palette that traces his evolution as an artist. At the heart of this narrative is BANAFSH, a band that not only showcases Payman's talents but also serves as a testament to his collaborative spirit with fellow band members who share his passion and vision.

Payman's musical odyssey began in the hallowed halls of his high school, where the seeds of his future in music were sown. Alongside schoolmates Kayvan Khiabani, whose memory is honored, and Ramin Yousefi, a bass virtuoso now residing in Sweden, Payman co-founded "The Human Beast." This early endeavor marked the inception of his musical explorations, setting the stage for a journey that would span continents and genres.

As Payman transitioned to college, his artistic horizons broadened, leading him to immerse himself in the pulsating rhythms of an electro-funk band. This phase was pivotal, as it not only honed his skills but also paved the way for his solo career. The milestone moment came on October 27th, 1987, when Payman took to the stage for his first official public performance, a day that would forever be etched in his memory as the beginning of his solo voyage in the world of music.

In 1991, a yearning for his roots beckoned Payman back to Iran, where he channeled his creativity into composing for stage acts. This period was marked by a rich blend of cultural influences and a deep engagement with the vibrant artistic community in Iran. It was during this time, in 1997, that Payman's journey took another significant turn with the formation of the "IO-Music Project," an endeavor that further showcased his versatility and commitment to musical innovation.

The year 2015 marked a new chapter in Payman's illustrious career, as he embarked on a rebranding journey that culminated in the birth of BANAFSH. This rebranding was more than just a change of name; it was a reflection of Payman's growth as an artist and his desire to encapsulate all his musical endeavors under a banner that resonated with his artistic identity and vision.

Through the digital showcase of his website, Payman Abdali invites us into his world, offering a glimpse into the mosaic of musical endeavors that have defined his journey. From the nascent days of "The Human Beast" to the collaborative symphony of BANAFSH, Payman's story is one of relentless passion, evolution, and an undying commitment to the art of music.

Birthday| Concert in Music Hall 151, CSUS | Sacramento, CA | October 27, 1987
TV Series score | A summer full of kindness | Director: Abbas Ranjbar | 1992
Movie score | Bemani | Director: Abbas Ranjbar | 1993
TV call for prayer (music composition) | Jahad Daneshgahi IRIB | 1993
Angel of Thoughts (music album) | XDOT25 Music | 1994
TV Series score | Finding a friend | Director: Abbas Ranjbar | 1995
Theater music score | The song of the fairy | Director: Sepideh Nazaripour | 1995
Best Theater Composition candidate | The song of the fairy | Fajr international festival | 1996
Concert (Creation) | Austrian Cultural Center Tehran | 1996
Company founder | Naqmeh Banafsh Andisheh (NBAI) music label | 1998
Theater music score | Haghil | Director: Amir Dejakam | 1999
Documentary Music Composition | 18th Festival | Azersam Film | Director: Ramin Mohseni | 2000
Honorary award for theater score | First women theater festival | Director: Sepideh Nazaripour | 2000
Theater music score | Yadegari | Director: Amir Dejakam | 2004
Honored for Single release | Waiting for the sun | 10th anniversary of Sahar English network | 2007
Music Hall 151 (music album) | NBAI | 2010
Fifth Element (music album) | NBAI - rereleased in 2021 XDOT25 Music | 2013
Sound Design | Halls 1, 2 and 3 Sacred defense museum | 2014
Movie score | Window (documentary) | Director: Mohammad Rasekhfar | 2015
Best movie score candidate | Window (documentary) | Haghighat documentary festival | 2015
Audible Visions (music album) | NBAI - rereleased in 2021 XDOT25 Music | 2016
A Pledge for Peace (music album) | NBAI | 2016
A Pledge for Peace concert | 6th “Arts for Peace” festival Tehran, Iran | 2016
Movie score | Savadkoohi (short film) | Director: Mohammadreza Madjd| 2017
A Pledge for Peace concert | Azadi Square,Tehran, Iran | 2017
A Pledge for Peace concert | Ivan ShamsTehran, Iran | 2018
Khoramshahr +30 (installation art) | Farmanfarma Gallery | Tehran, Iran | 17 May - 31 May 2019
Social Art Award 2019 under the topic “We are the People – Peaceful Revolutions” candidate | Institute for Art and Innovation | Berlin, Germany | 2019
Border (mixed performance) | Director: Masoumeh Jalalieh | Carrara, Italy | 2019
NEMAN band | formed the band with Negar Kharkan a great Kamanche Player | Tehran, Iran | 2019
Single Track Ordibehesht | Tarr Records | Almaty, Kazakhstan | 2021
Trailer music | When pomegranates howl | Director: Granaz Mousavi, Australia | 2021
Movie score | Don Shahriar (documentary) | Director: Reza Mohana | 2021
Ambient Music Composition | Bordeaux Blues | Mostafa Nodeh picture gallery, Bordeaux, France | 2021
Konzert Improvisation | Eindorf, Vienna Austria | Nov 29 2022
Performance for Hidden Goddess Organization | Independent Women Refugee Week| Athens, Greece | 2023
Performance “Music for Black Sine Wave | Post Orientalism - Noise a Noise | Berlin, Germany | December 2023

Sina Mazaheri | Iranian Percussions | Mr. Green
Fahimeh Ghanbari | Vocals | Ms. Orange
Kamyar Maktoobi | Bass | Mr. Pink
Arsham Ghaderi | Tar and Setar | Mr. Colorless
Ahoora Asgarieh | Drums | Mr. Red
Payman Abdali | Synths and Vocals | Mr. Banafsh